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WinOptimizer 15 Free Activation Key 2018

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 Full Version License key [Giveaway]
Secure, fast and clean - in just a few clicks!
Even modern systems slow down eventually, become faulty and amass junk data. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 takes care of these issues - with unparalleled speed and efficiency. It doesn't take any prior knowledge or lots of time and your computer will feel like new again! Let WinOptimizer 15 help you make the most of your PC and protect, clean and optimize your machine for maximum performance every time!

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 Full Version License Key
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 License BUY NOW


WonderFox Photo Watermark license discount

WonderFox Video Watermark + WonderFox Photo Watermark License Key Discount Bundle

WonderFox Video Watermark Software
Add Watermark to Protect Your Video Copyright.
- Fast Watermarking Speed & 0 Quality Loss
Fully Protect Video Copyright
150+ Free Watermark materials
Accurately Control Watermark via Timeline
Brand Your Video with a Watermark
Text and Image Watermark Supported
Support to Convert and Edit Video Files

WonderFox Photo Watermark Software
Best Photo Watermark with Faster Speed and High Quality!
- Faster Watermarking Speed & 0 Quality Loss.
Support Text, Image, Frame Watermarks.
Design Watermark Template at Will.
Powerful Batch Processing - Watermark 100 Photos in 1 Minute.
150+ Free Watermark Materials.
Crop, Resize and Rename the Photo Easily.
Support to Convert Picture Formats.

ashampoo serial number deals

Epubor Audible Converter license key discount

Epubor Audible Converter
Convert AA, AAX audiobooks to MP3, AC3, M4B, M4A, WAV, FLAC and etc.
With the help of Epubor Audible Converter, you can easily convert any DRM-protected audiobooks from Audible, including AA, AAX to DRM-free audio formats, like MP3, M4B, AC3, M4A and FLAC that are supported by most popular media playing devices, such as iPod, Kindle, Sony Walkman, iRiver, etc and other iOS, Android mobile phones or tablets.

Epubor VitalSource Downloader discouunt

Epubor VitalSource Downloader License Key Discount-Coupon
Epubor VitalSource Downloader helps you download your eTextbooks to epub or pdf to enjoy at any device or apps. 
A simple and reliable solution when you need to read VitalSource eTextbooks on any reader app/device.

Download VitalSource eTextbooks and Remove VBK DRM with 1-click
No VitalSource BookShelf app installation required.
Epubor VitalSource Downloader uses the VitalSource web viewer to scrape every page of the textbook.
Downloading VitalSource Bookshelf books and removing VitalSource VBK DRM are processed simultaneously.
Take one-click to download the whole book efficiently and save the book from VitalSource Bookshelf to PDF files (irrespective of the original book type delivered by VitalSource) on your computer. By contrast, you’ll get DRMed VBK files when downloading the books via VitalSource BookShelf software.

Epubor VitalSource Downloader License Key
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Kernel Video Sharing License Key

Kernel Video Sharing Package.
The most featured Kernel Video Sharing package, which contains all community functionality: albums, internal messaging, friendship, private photos/videos for friends, walls, activity tracking and channels.
Kernel Video Sharing is a pro level CMS for building and managing video web sites and networks.

Fully Customizable 
Incredibly Website Builder
Create new pages and modify the ones you already have without having to pay any developers. The modular pages created by our site builder do not require editing the PHP code.

HTML5 Support 
HD & Mobile Videos
Monetize your site without any hassle and make all adjustments required by a particular campaign. Our player was built for tube sites and meets all current market requirements.

Responsive Templates 
Search Engine Optimized
Allow visitors to browse your site through a responsive interface that adapts for any screen, offering a perfect experience on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Optimized for heavy load 
100% open PHP code
You don’t need to spend money on expensive server hardware. KVS is ready to handle tons of traffic right away. You are in full control over everything, able to make unlimited modifications whenever you need.

Firsthand Support 
by developers
We never provide customer support using third party operators. All your questions and issues are handled by the developers themselves who obviously know their product inside and out.

Updates and improvements never stop
KVS means 10 years of non-stop development and improvement. Even though the product became popular and stable pretty fast, we never stopped perfecting it. Most our customers own top level sites.

Multiple monetization channels
Monetize your site using our advanced billing system. KVS supports all popular payment processors including CCBill, Epoch, SegPay, NATS, Zombaio, Vendo, xBill etc.

Multi-Server System
Time is money. Don't waste both processing large volumes of content. KVS supports parallel content processing by multiple conversion servers. You will be impressed by how fast KVS can be.

Multi-Language System
Don't limit your own growth. Build multiple site versions in different languages and get more international traffic. Manage the language versions in the admin panel.

KVS Ultimate
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KVS Advanced
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KVS Basic
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Easy Button and Menu Maker License Key

Easy Button & Menu Maker 5 License Key
Web menu maker & button maker
Make your website look better in minutes!
With Easy Button & Menu Maker you can easily create professional dynamic menus and fancy buttons for your website while investing just a few minutes of your time. More than 250 elegant design templates are included, reflecting various trendy design styles. Easy Button & Menu Maker gives you two solid tools - menu maker and button maker in one package. Now creates pure CSS menu code!

Visual drag & drop editor
Direct visual menu and button editor is easy and pleasant to work with
Full web browser support Updated!
Supports all modern and all popular but old browsers
CSS-only menus
If JavaScript is turned off, menu still works in CSS-only mode
Create mobile-ready menus Updated!
Create menus that work on tablets and smartphones
Fast and lightweight
Easy Button & Menu Maker creates lightweight menus that load instantly
Generates valid HTML 5 code
Produces modern and valid, yet backwards-compatible code
Tons of icons and templates
Easy Button & Menu Maker comes packed with templates and icons
Search engine friendly
Menus are seen and processed by search engines
Easy to insert and update
Created menus are easy to publish and update.

Better value
Best value on the market
Unlimited websites, full set of templates, no expiration, everything included. Priced from just € 25.95, Easy Button & Menu Maker is the best choice.
Two tools for one price
You get two great tools in a single package - menu maker and button maker.
Fanatic customer service
If necessary, we will actually look at your website and consult you.

Better results
Latest visual styles
We have included a set of the latest trendy Windows 7, Mac, Glass and Metro styles.
Designer-approved templates
Our menu templates are approved by professional designer and usability expert. Color contrast, font sizes and spacing are just right!
Amazing visual effects
Our menu maker offers by far better visual fade, cross-fade and shadow effect choices than any competitor.
High quality
The generated menu code is clean, lightweight and standards-compliant.

Visual menu editor
Unlike most other menu maker tools, Easy Button & Menu Maker provides direct WYSIWYG visual menu editor, so it is much easier and pleasant to work with. Menus created with Easy Button & Menu Maker are quick, compact and compatible with all modern web browsers.

Easy Button & Menu Maker 5 Personal (Extended) License Key
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Easy Button & Menu Maker 5 Pro (Extended) License Key
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Surfblocker serial number

Surfblocker License Key
Restrict Internet access
Surfblocker is the world's number one tool for controlling Internet access, serving thousands of people and organizations in over 50 countries.
Easily restrict internet access at specified times or on demand. Allow and block websites and limit which programs and features have access to the internet. For example, you can allow only e-mail and and work or study related websites. You can also simply password protect internet disable connection after a specified amount of time. Of course, you can also block harmful and hazardous content automatically.

Restrict internet access
Limit Internet access fully or partially, select when and what to allow
Password protect internet
Password protect Internet connection to prevent unauthorized access
One-click enable or disable Internet
Turn Internet on or off with a single click of a button
Block specific websites
Easily block access to specific websites while allowing everything else
Allow specific websites
Allow selected websites while blocking everything else
Block harmful content New!
Block inappropriate, harmful and hazardous content automatically
Limit Internet usage time
Allow Internet access for a specified amount of time
Schedule internet availability
Specify when to allow and when to restrict internet access
Internet usage quotas
Specify how long Internet access can be used every day.

Benefits for organizations
Increased productivity
Make sure employees spend time working and not socializing on the web.
More focused employees
Boost workforce performance by limiting the temptation for online entertainment.
Allow only work-related stuff
Allow work-related websites and programs while blocking everything else.

Benefits for parents
Prevent Internet addiction
Ensure balance between Internet use and other activities.
Ensure healthy daily routine
Automatically turn off Internet late at night or at any other inappropriate time.
Block harmful services
Allow Internet while blocking harmful or addictive services such as online gaming or social networking.
Allow useful services
Block Internet access while allowing e-mail, Wikipedia or other useful services.

Why Surfblocker?
Most other companies will try to sell you bulky, complex and expensive systems that take time to understand and configure. Surfblocker is lightweight, affordable and pretty straight-forward tool out of the box.

 Surfblocker Trial Download

Surfblocker Home License Key
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Surfblocker Pro License Key
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 Surfblocker Pro License Key Buy Now

Surfblocker Business Pack License Key
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Easy Gif Animator serial number

Easy GIF Animator 7 Pro License Key
Easy Gif Animator Pro is a powerful yer easy to use software for creating animated pictures, banners, buttons and GIF videos. You get extensive animation editing features, animation effects, unmatched image quality and optimization for the web.

Create animated pictures
Easily create animated banners, buttons, cartoons and pictures
Built-in image editor Updated
Easily modify animation frames or draw new pictures
Frame management
Add, remove, edit, move, swap, duplicate and extract one or more files at once
Optimization & compression 
Produce optimized, high-quality animated images
Convert Video to GIF Updated
Create animated GIF files from video file fragments. Learn more
Moving text effects
Easily create attention-grabbing animated text
Animation effects
Easily add visual effects like sparkles, zoom, rotate etc.
Save as Flash or video Pro
Save your animation as SWF Flash or AVI Video file
Transparency management
Easily create and manage transparent areas of your image
Resize animated GIF images
Resize or crop a whole GIF animation with a single click
Animations with sound Pro
Save animations in SWF format with background sound.

The best GIF editor
Best features
No other competing software matches the feature set of Easy GIF Animator.
Best experience
Accumulated experience of more than 10 years and 7 major versions.
Best value
Easy GIF Animator is the most affordable animated image editor on the market today.
Unique features
Convert video to GIF
Easily create GIF from video using powerful built-in converter.
Animated text effects
Easily create attention-grabbing animated text with built-in text effect assistant.
Image effect generator
Create cool transitions and visual effects, such as spin, zoom or sparkles.
Powerful tools and image editor
Our image editor offers powerful image editing tools and supports transparency.
Beginners welcome!
Easy GIF Animator is very easy to learn and use. Follow our tutorial and you will be able to create your first animation in minutes.

Fast results
Just need to modify an old animation? With this software it is a matter of seconds.

Detailed feature list
Image editor
Line and shape tools
Brush and spray tools
Fill and gradient fill tools
Color picker
Color replacer tool
Eraser/transparency tool
Text tool
Zoom tool
Cut, copy, paste selection
Work with transparency
Image adjustments
grayscale, invert, flip, adjust colors
Built-in animation player
Preview in web browser
Frame management
Add and remove frames
Manage multiple frames at once
Customize frame duration
Move, rearrange and duplicate frames
Extract separate frames
Built-in image editor
Integration with any external editor
Animation wizards
Banner wizard
Button wizard
Resize GIF animation
Crop GIF animation
Reverse animation or part
Automatic GIF image optimization
Integrated image web search
find images for use in your animation
Generate HTML code
makes publishing animation on the web easy
Optimize image size
Instant effects
Create moving text effects
fully customizable slide, fade, bounce, zoom, drop, merge and rotate effects
Add transition and visual effects
fully customizable slide, spin, zoom, iris, fade, rotate, sparkle and clock effects
Supported formats
Load GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP and ICO files
Convert Video to animated GIF
Save as animated GIF
Save as SWF
with background sound
Save as video
Unicode text support

Easy Gif Animator Pro License Key
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Stoik Panorama Maker key

STOIK Panorama Maker Activation Key
Fast and Easy Way to create panoramic photos on Windows.
STOIK Panorama Maker  is automatic panorama software that turns any group of overlapping photos into high quality panoramic image.  
The program combines very simple user interface, step by step workflow and powerful modern mathematical approach to image matching.

STOIK Panorama Maker software will create a stunning panorama in just a few clicks. Enjoy making cool panoramic images with Stoik Panorama Maker program! Taking care of overlapping and camera tilt and improve/enhance wrong exposure and colors, STOIK Panorama offers both fully automated and advanced manual panorama stitching. STOIK panorama editor has a rich set of panotools, such as zoom compensation, lens distortion correction, stitching. STOIK panorama maker program is the best panoramic software for stitching excellent multi-row panoramas.

Stoik Panorama Maker Activation Key
Stoik Panorama Maker Activation Key (Windows)
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Stoik Panorama Maker Activation Key (Mac)
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Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate license key

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Registration Code
Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one Converter which is specially designed for you to backup and convert non-protected DVDs and videos into the compatible audio and video formats for playback on iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Android tablets & smart phones, WD TV, etc. 

Compared with other products, it has the powerful functions as follows
1. Convert non-protected DVD, ISO/IFO, video files to any other popular formats for tablets, smart phones, HD Players, editing software, or YouTube.
2. Help merge, split, trim and crop, adjust output effect and volume, add 3D and special effects etc.
3. The user-friendly interface can make you use it masterly without the complicated process. In a very short time, you will become an expert on using the product.
4. Its advanced coding technology quickens the conversion speed. With this fast ultimate converter, you can convert DVD and videos with 1.5 or 2 times faster speed. 
5. The newest audio-video sync technology enables you to have a high quality output video without any audio video out of sync problems. 
6. Its built-in codec will not install codec to your computer, so as to avoid the unexpected codec problem.
7. The program supports to add different watermark like text, image (including GIF), and video watermark. Its video watermark function will create a picture-in-picture effect to your video which will amaze you a lot.
8. The program supports to capture the snapshots images, which can be used as wallpaper or editing elements.

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Registration Code
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 Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Trial Download

O&O Disk image 12 Pro serial number

O&O DiskImage 12 Professional Edition
Backing up data on a regular basis is still something that many users prefer to avoid. At least that is until they suffer their first loss of important data as a result of software, hardware or user error: that’s when it becomes crystal clear just how valuable a reliable and up-to-date backup really is.
Here’s the safest and easiest way to avoid losing important data! O&O DiskImage lets you backup an entire computer and everything on it whenever you want – even while the computer’s being used. In the event data loss should ever occur, your data can be quickly restored with just a few mouse clicks – even when Windows is no longer able to start.
All default and advanced features are combined in one single product. Options are available for both automated and manual settings. Thanks to a unique recovery system that includes additional system recovery tools along with O&O DiskImage, you’ll quickly be able to restore all your important data – even if the backup you’re using was created with an older O&O DiskImage version.

O&O DiskImage 12 Professional License Key
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 O&O DiskImage 12 Professional Trial Setup Download

O&O Disk Recovery 12 Pro license key

O&O DiskRecovery 12 Pro Edition Registration Code
O&O DiskRecovery 12 Pro Edition Professional data recovery made easy!
O&O DiskRecovery functionality begins where other programs leave off. This software combs every sector of a hard disk, memory card, or digital camera to find lost files. Even when files systems are formatted or destroyed, it is possible to reconstruct once deleted data. Over 365 file types can be recognized and restored, including Word documents, Excel workbooks, Access Databases, and virtually every sort of commonly used graphics, photo, movie, and music formats (JPEG, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WAV, BMP, TIFF, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Framemaker, Adobe Illustrator, and many more). Do not give up on lost data! O&O DiskRecovery can still help even when things look hopeless.
O&O DiskRecovery takes advantage of professional data recovery algorithms
Until now, professional data recovery was only available in specialized laboratories. O&O brings this technology to you desktop, enabling you to rescue those data you thought were lost at a reasonable price. Through specialized search algorithms O&O DiskRecovery can sense deleted files on already formatted data volumes. If the file structure is completely destroyed, data can still be found and reconstructed.
The easy-to-use O&O DiskRecovery Assistant guides you step-by-step through each data recovery. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary. The one-of-a-kind O&O DeepScan function scans for those tiny files that other programs miss.

O&O DiskRecovery Pro Edition Registration Code
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 O&O DiskRecovery Pro Edition Trial Setup Download

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery key

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery
Ultimate solution to recover lost messages, contacts, photos, etc. from Android phone & tablet’s internal memory and SD card.
Mistakenly deleted or accidentally lost important files on your Android device? A reliable Android Data Recovery Software will sort things out for you.
Factory Reset
Dig up your data and recover them for you even after you perform a factory reset or master reset on your device.
Water Damage/Dead
Android phone is dead, water damaged and cannot power on? Android Data Recovery is your best choice of recovering data from internal memory.
Screen Broken
Recover data from Android device with broken, cracked, and chipped screen, no matter how beat up your phone is.
Restore Files from Internal Phone Storage
With the advanced data recovery technologies, this powerful Android Data Recovery can acquire your device’s highest authority and scan your phone internal memory to restore lost files.
Recover Files from External SD Card
Detect photos, videos, and music from external SD card and recover lost/deleted files from the external storage. No backup file required.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is easy yet professional Android file recovery software that can recover lost contacts, photos, text messages, call history and videos from Android phone and tablet. With fancy interface, you can easily control it and accomplish the process of recovering lost files from your Android files.

The core features of Tenorshare Android Data Recovery include
1. Recover multiple file types: contacts, photos, SMS, call logs, videos.
2. Support all Android phones and tablets like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and etc.
3. Support all Android versions including Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.
4. Recover data lost due to deletion, rooting, factory reset, flashing ROMs, unlocking, device broken and system crash.
5. Preview files before data recovery.
6. Selectively recover the files you need, instead of all of them.
7. Back up and transfer important Android files on computer.
8. Built-in guide makes the process of data recovery easier.
9. Safe. It won’t damage your data and leak your personal information.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery
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Max Spyware Detector key

Max Spyware Detector Registration Key

Max Spyware Detector
-Free Personalized 24 x 7 Customer Support
-Fastest Spyware Scanning Technology
-Rootkit, Keylogger and Heuristic detection

POWERFUL Anti-Virus + Anti-Spyware
Safeguard from hackers, Easiest to use firewall, USB Manager, protection from crypto ransomware.

Enhanced Detection
We have a dedicated database team which uses state-of-the-art spyware research methods.

Advanced Blocking
Max Spyware Detector has advanced blocking features which block ActiveX, Browser Header Objects.

Active Monitoring
Max Spyware Detector also protects your privacy and provides you security by actively protecting.

Complete Removal
Max Spyware Detector detects and deletes the toughest spyware programs in just one scan.

Instant Support
As a customer of Max Spyware Detector, you are assured that you are always backed up.

Now, you can easily scan, detect, delete any Spyware / Virus / Adware / Malware / Trojan and root kit.

Fast Scan
Advanced Monitoring prompts warn you in case any program makes illegal entries in critical registry locations.

System File Protection
System File Protection to protect any infection to Windows operating system files.

Web Security
Prevents Bad websites from being browsed. In addition to malicious bad websites.

Max Spyware Detector Registration Key
Max Spyware Detector 1 User
25% Discount

Max Spyware Detector 3 Users
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WebCam Monitor lizenzschlüssel

WebCam Monitor Serial Key
WebCam Monitor turns your PC into a video surveillance system.
Use any camera with WebCam Monitor to detect an intrusion or other unusual activity.  When an alarm condition is detected, the program can sound an audible alarm, or quietly send you an email with a snapshot.  The alerts can be configured to automatically capture snapshot images, or record video and audio.  You can automatically upload your recordings to any FTP location for easy viewing or safe storage.

WebCam Monitor can be setup in minutes using a wizard to auto-configure the application for common monitoring and alert scenarios.  All settings, such as alerts, snap and video recordings, or FTP uploading can be turned on and off using the built-in scheduler.  All monitoring and alert events are logged with date and time stamps.

State of the art motion detection triggers alerts.  You can adjust the sensitivity of the detection, and mask out areas of the camera view to avoid false alarms.

Over 100 camera models are supported with full pan / tilt and digital zoom controls when available. All of the settings can be customized, including the sensitivity of the motion and sound detection, the interval between snapshots, and the way that images are captured and transmitted.  Download and try the most advanced PC video surveillance tool today.

WebCam Monitor Serial Number
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Quick Hide IP Platinum lizenzschlüssel

Quick Hide IP Platinum Serial Key
Why Quick Hide IP Platinum
Your IP address can link your internet activities directly to you, it can be used to find your name and location. So protecting your Online Identity is a must, thus Anonymous Web Surfing and the ability to hide your IP address are mandatory in order to ensure a high level of online protection.

Quick Hide IP Platinum Registration Code
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DRPU Bulk SMS Pro license key

DRPU Bulk SMS Software Professional Edition
Professional Bulk SMS supports common GSM Phones as well as Windows based mobile phones, Pocket PC and PDA to send Text Messages from your Computer.

Send unlimited messages to your near and dear ones using Bulk SMS Software. Now no need to send SMS online! Just use our Bulk SMS sender utility and send text from computer to any mobile phones without requiring any SMS gateway provider.
Our SMS Software is designed to send customized text messages from computer system to any cell phone user using any USB modems, GSM, Android or Windows technology based mobile phones. Software does not require any internet connectivity to send SMS among worldwide mobile phone users.

Software Benefits and advantages
Help to communicate with worldwide people.
No Limit to send SMS to list of contact numbers.
Compose and send standard SMS as well as notifications.
Provide option to send SMS using delayed delivery option mode.
Skip duplicate number entries while sending bulk text messages.
Support all multi devices for connecting with PC to send text alerts.
Help in mobile marketing to alert investors about market ups and down.

DRPU Bulk SMS Professional Full Version Discount-Coupon
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DRPU USB Data Theft Protection full

DRPU USB Data Theft Protection Software
Above screenshot shows general settings including.
USB Access setting – This option allows you to enable and disable USB access port.
Start-up settings – Select check box, if you want to run the software secretly at windows startup in hidden mode.
Privacy settings – Select check box, if you need to hide the program from desktop, start -> all program, “Add and remove program” and hide program folder.
Log settings – Use this option to set maximum size of text log and avoid over sizing of activities log.
Log Format – Enable either “Standard” or “Detailed” option to view recorded log file.
Security settings – Use this option to set password so that unauthorized user can not access the software settings.
Run program from Start -> Run – Enter any keyword in given space so that you can access the hidden software window by using run command (By default software window will be accessed by entering the default keyword “USBProtection” in run command).
Set all above options and then press “Apply” button to apply the software settings.

Supported USB Storage Devices
Track activities of connection and removal of USB mass storage device.
USB protection tool block USB port access using USB access settings.
Provides facility to set password so that unauthorized user cannot access the software settings.
Option to view log file in HTML as well as Text file format.
Capability to capture photos of unauthorized user by enabling advance camera settings.
Facility to sent log file of recorded data and picture via Email and also have an option to upload the log and captures image on FTP server using FTP settings.
Secretly run and record USB storage media activities in hidden mode.
Save detail log of the USB drive activities performed by unknown user on your computer for future usage.
Facility to export and import all settings including general configuration settings, email settings and FTP settings if you want to install software in multiple machines.
User friendly graphical interface and smoothly run on all windows edition including windows 8/7/vista/XP and windows server 2000/2003/2008 etc.
Easy to install/uninstall software and no technical skill required to operate USB data theft protection tool.

DRPU USB Protection Desktop Edition - 2PC Protection
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DRPU USB Protection Desktop Edition - 5PC Protection
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DRPU USB Protection Desktop Edition - Unlimited Protection
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DRPU USB Protection Server Edition - Single Server Protection
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DRPU USB Protection Network License - 1 Server and 5 Clients Protection
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